Voices for Scotland welcomes Referendum Bill

Argyll street, glasgow - busy with shoppers and traffic

Voices for Scotland welcomes the Referendums (Scotland) Bill, introduced to the Scottish Parliament this week, as an important step forward towards independence.

No matter what you think of Brexit, it’s hard to argue that Scotland’s voice has been heard, listened to, or in any way reflected by those who represent us in those negotiations. The recent European Election results once again highlighted the clear and growing political divergence between Scotland and other parts of the UK.

We recognise and respect the fact that there are different views across Scotland about whether another independence referendum should be held, and if so, when it should be. But the questions about Scotland’s future aren’t going away. As a grassroots, civic campaigning organisation, Voices for Scotland has no special insights into how and when Scotland will look again at independence. But ultimately it is unsustainable for Westminster to block Scotland’s voices from being heard on our own country’s future; the UK is a union of countries, not a hostage situation. And there are multiple, clear, unequivocal democratic mandates for that question to be put to the Scottish people once again.

Until such time as that choice is presented, Voices for Scotland is all about encouraging the 1-1 conversations between trusted friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives that we believe will move people towards embracing independence.

So please: think about who you know who might just reconsider their view… Let us know what you’d find helpful for those conversations… Give us feedback about what’s worked.