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What are your hopes for an independent Scotland?

Upload a short video or a photo and a couple of sentences on why you want Scotland to be independent.

The more we share our positive visions for a future Scotland, the more connected we become around a community of ideas for the country we want to be.

Before You Start

Voices for Scotland is a non-party political civic organisation, so when you make your video or upload your text please don’t mention party politics.

We are also trying to move away from Yes/No labelling, and focus more on our personal stories, so please leave Yes/No behind and speak from your heart.

Let’s focus on solutions and the opportunities we have to make Scotland happier, healthier, greener and fairer!

This does not have to be about facts, you don’t need to be an expert on deficits or pensions, just tell us what you want from the future.

Upload Your Video, Photo or Words

Upload a short, one minute video on your hopes for an independent Scotland or upload a photo with a couple of sentences on why you feel Scotland needs independence.

If you want send us a photo and some words then you can either upload it here or email it to Please note, we can only accept videos uploaded on this page.

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