£5 for a better, independent Scotland

If you want an independent Scotland that is more equal, fairer, richer, greener, healthier and happier then give us £5 a month to help make it happen. We’re bringing people together to create a positive vision of an independent Scotland, but we need your support to keep doing it.

Voices for Scotland is a non-party, civic organisation campaigning for Scottish independence.

Our aim is to bring people together in big, open conversations about Scotland’s future. In setting out a vision for an independent Scotland we put what matters to you at the forefront of the campaign, growing support for independence by building consensus around a vision of a Scotland that works for everyone.

Voices for Scotland provides a platform to people from all walks of life, providing an opportunity to tell their stories and have their voices heard about the country they want to live in.

What kind of Scotland do you want to see?

Your Voice for Scotland.

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Who Are Voices for Scotland?


Voices for Scotland is entirely funded by donations from our supporters. With your help we can have the conversations that will build support for independence. Our aim is to inform, educate, build confidence and help the movement grow. We host regular events, podcasts and provide a platform for your visions on the Scotland we want to be. we can only do this with your support.