Voices for Scotland is a non-profit civic organisation campaigning for Scottish independence. We want to open up respectful conversations with people who are currently unsure about Scotland becoming an independent country or who currently support the union. We look forward to having positive and constructive discussions about Scotland’s constitutional future.

Voices for Scotland is a pro-independence campaign organisation which was set up in 2019 by the Scottish Independence Convention. It is funded mainly by small donations and has a small team of staff and volunteers who develop campaigns, carry out research, produce materials, support local groups, work with the media and run events, all with the aim of opening up positive and constructive conversations about Scotland’s constitutional future.

The Scottish Independence Convention

The Scottish Independence Convention is a forum of all of Scotland’s pro-independence political parties and national and regional pro-independence organisations.

How We’re Governed

Voices for Scotland is a limited company which is owned by the Scottish Independence Convention. The Convention then appoints members to the company’s Board and it is their responsibility to oversee the management of the organisation. Voices for Scotland aims to practice the kind of values we want to see for an independent Scotland – openness, positivity and good management.