The creation of a better, fairer, more equal Scotland requires the collective input of all voices in Scotland. We’re here to act as a platform for your voice. More information of how to get involved, meetings and events is below.

Gerry Hassan...In Conversation

Join us in conversation with Gerry Hassan.

Dr. Gerry Hassan is a writer, commentator and thinker about Scotland, the UK, politics and ideas. He is currently Senior Research Fellow in contemporary Scottish history at Dundee University. Previously he has been Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Policy Research Scotland was Research Fellow in cultural policy at the University of the West of Scotland where he completed and was awarded his PhD. Gerry has written and edited numerous books on Scotland and the wider world: from the setting up of the Parliament, to its record, policy, in-depth studies of the Labour Party and SNP, and looking at how we imagine the future.

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Sir Geoff Palmer...In Conversation

We are honoured to be joined by academic and human rights activist, Sir Geoff Palmer.

Alongside his academic work, Palmer is also a prominent human rights activist and is involved in a considerable amount of charity work in the community. He wrote a series of articles for the Times Educational Supplement from 1969 to 1971 on way to improve the education of children from ethnic minorities. His book on race relations entitled Mr. White and the Ravens, was first published in 2001, and he contributed an article to The Scotsman newspaper entitled “Stephen Lawrence analysis: Society is more mixed but racism has not gone away – we still have a long way to go” (5 January 2012). Palmer has also authored a book on the history of slavery, The Enlightenment Abolished: Citizens of Britishness (2007), and has spoken out extensively against the slave trade.

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Autumn Events Programme


We have so much coming up for you over the Autumn, not even sure where to begin!

We’re putting on these events to entertain whilst confronting and discussing the big issues in Scotland right now as we head towards a referendum on Scotland’s future.

Have a look at the programme and sign up for anything and everything. All events are online and free for you to join, though it would be great if you could support our work with a monthly donation.

To get tickets and register for events click on the following links:

David Hayman and Chris Dolan…In Conversation and Performance

Get Together// Scotland and the EU with Maggie Chapman and Marty Smith

Get Together// Ending Fuel Poverty in Scotland with Keith Baker

Sara Sheridan…In Conversation

Get Together// What Matters to You?

Gerry Hassan…In Conversation

Sir Geoff Palmer…In Conversation

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