Scotland deserves better than cynical Tory ploys

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Voices for Scotland seeks to give a voice to all citizens in Scotland no matter their political views. We condemn the UK government’s ploy of suspending Westminster. It is clearly a cynical tactic being deployed in their dangerous pursuit of a no-deal brexit.

Scotland, as a nation, voted to remain in the EU and has consistently expressed that wish since 2016. Indeed, our parliament at Holyrood voted overwhelmingly to reject the Westminster EU withdrawal plans.

A forced exit from the EU at the hands of a man who was elected by less than a quarter of one percent of the UK population is not acceptable and sets a dangerous precedent for the future of democracy in the UK. This is another example of Westminster ignoring the will of the people of Scotland, and yet another example of its inward looking focus that will have enormous consequences on people’s lives and livelihoods.

VfS restates its position that the people of Scotland have the right to have their voices heard on matters that affect them. This latest anti-democractic move by the Westminster government, makes it even clearer that now is the time for a second referendum on Scottish independence.