In conversation with Sir Geoff Palmer

We are honoured to be joined by academic and human rights activist, Sir Geoff Palmer.
Alongside his academic work, Palmer is also a prominent human rights activist and is involved in a considerable amount of charity work in the community. He wrote a series of articles for the Times Educational Supplement from 1969 to 1971 on way to improve the education of children from ethnic minorities. His book on race relations entitled Mr. White and the Ravens, was first published in 2001, and he contributed an article to The Scotsman newspaper entitled “Stephen Lawrence analysis: Society is more mixed but racism has not gone away – we still have a long way to go” (5 January 2012). Palmer has also authored a book on the history of slavery, The Enlightenment Abolished: Citizens of Britishness (2007), and has spoken out extensively against the slave trade.

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