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In sharing our views we are connecting people through a community of ideas and sharing a positive vision for the Scotland we want to see.

A Scotland that works for you, that works for me, that works for us.

A Scotland for everyone.


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Ruth (Kilcreggan)

“The biggest risk now is sticking with a UK that is mean spirited. What makes sense now is for Scotland to take her natural place in the world, allowing us to shape a forward looking, small democracy which aims to give all citizens the respect and future they deserve.”

Alex (Glasgow)

“I want Scotland to be Independent, because I see Independence as the means to the beginning! Independence for me means a Scotland for everyone shaped by everyone!”

Kate (Nairn)

“I want to live in a fairer, more equal society that is ready to face the challenges ahead. I want Scottish independence so we can see the self actualisation of our people.”

James KP (Edinburgh)

“Scotland’s democratic conversation is relevant to us. “Federalism” or “devo-max” are convenient words to silence the bigger issue. The UK is just not very equal. It’s not very democratic. It’s striving to project modernism and greatness, but it represents the opposite. 

I don’t feel comfortable belonging to a union with nuclear weapons. Illegal nuclear weapons. I don’t need a large army engaging in foreign wars to instil in me a sense of security. I don’t need the lady from the coins and stamps to represent me on the world stage. I want to derive my sense of national identity from what we can build together, and what we can radically change. Not what we once were. We’re not that special and shouldn’t think we must be. But small countries of 5 million people exist, with high standards of living and publicly owned services.”

Allan (Glasgow)

“We all want the same thing. We wan’t to live in a happy country where we don’t have to worry about putting food on the table. We want access to good quality education and healthcare. We want a clean and safe environment to live in, to grow in. We want a society that works for everyone. There are too many that live without these things right now, and the best, most efficient and practical step towards these universal goals is through independence.”

Audrey (Edinburgh)

“It’s not going to possible to have the kind of country I want for me, my family, my grandchildren with the Westminster government we have.”

Donald (Islay)

“A written constitution is a contract between the people and politicians, enhancing democracy…We can do so much better for each other if we are independent.”

Tom (Prestwick)

“Our history has powerful principles which reflect our culture. We are European and welcoming to all ethnicities and we’ve been forced out the EU.”


“I want Scotland to be a model of decency and social justice, and to be a force for good in the world rather than being dragged into foreign wars.”

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