You’re Not Voting for Independence…Yet

Boxing ring with party leaders and crowd behind them

The main political parties want you to believe this election is about Brexit or that it is about Scottish independence. It’s not, no general election is ever about a single issue. You are voting for a Government that should be sitting for the next five years, so this election is about the things that are important to you…the NHS, climate change, social care, education, transport, policing or the money in your pocket.

In the two and a bit weeks until the election, the campaigning is going to get more intense, dirtier and focus more and more on the issues the political parties want to talk about, not necessarily what matters to you. Is it not time the public set the agenda?

In the blue corner it’s all about Brexit, in the red corner it’s all about the state, in the yellow corner it’s all about independence, in the green corner it’s all about the climate emergency and in the orangey shorts, running around the middle, it’s all about cancelling Brexit. You are in the crowd and no one’s listening.

Voices for Scotland is a civic, non party organisation, so we’re not that interested in the people in the ring trying to hurt each other. We care about the crowd, we want to hear what you think, what matters to you and how we, together, create a Scotland for Everyone. Our job over the coming months is to create a platform where your voice is heard.

In the meantime, you can exercise your right to vote. Who you vote for and if you vote is entirely up to you (that’s what a right is), but make sure you’re registered. Today is the last day to do so before the election on 12 December. You can register here.

Allan Whyte, Campaign Organiser