We Want to Hear from You

Colourful graphic image with hands and title 'we want to hear from you'

Ken what Voices for Scotland needs? Voices.

A massive part of the remit of Voices for Scotland is to be a platform for you, the people of Scotland, to talk about what matters to you about our future.

So we’re asking you to get in touch with your stories, ideas and thoughts about what a Scotland for Everyone means to you. We’re interested in a vision of the Scotland we can become – a fairer, cleaner, richer, happier Scotland. 

However it’s not for us, as a non-party, civic organisation, to dictate what a future, independent Scotland should be. We’re here to be a platform to help you get your voice heard. 

So please get in touch and let us know your story.

You can either email us at info@voicesforscotland.scot or sign up for our mailing list at www.voicesforscotland.scot or through Twitter @VoicesforScot and Facebook @VoicesforScot.

We’d love to hear from you.

If emailing in, could you please answer as many of these questions as you can, as briefly as you can?

How did you vote in 2014?

Have you changed your mind since 2014? 

Do you know how you will vote in the next referendum?

What is the biggest reason for/against Scottish independence?

What are the most important issues for you regarding independence?

Are you a member of any political party? If so, which?

Are you from a BAME background?

Do you feel your community is underrepresented in politics?

Which town/city do you live in?

Allan Whyte, Campaign Organiser