Our Movement

The Scottish independence movement is a rich and diverse body of organisations and individuals. Voices for Scotland is not replacing or superseding any part of this wonderful movement.  Instead it looks to complement its many parts by providing a national campaign organisation which is wholly focussed on talking to undecided and persuadable voters in Scotland.

It aims to do this by speaking without a party political accent and by listening closely – and responding – to what the people we talk to tell us. It will support and facilitate existing campaigns and campaign groups with materials which have the best possible chance of opening up conversations with target voters.

The independence movement is rich with voices who believe that Scotland can look forward to a fairer, kinder and more prosperous future as an independent country. We have grown and we are strong – but it is not large enough yet for us to be consistently ahead in the opinion polls.

To do that we need to talk to people who are currently unsure about Scotland becoming an independent country or who currently support the union but have had their faith undermined by recent events.

Research evidence suggests that many people who voted No in 2014 have not stayed engaged with the arguments for independence. Research also suggests that the most important thing we can do is listen and hear their voices and then talk respectfully and with hopeful answers and messages tailored to them and their lives.

That’s what Voices for Scotland was set up to do – to help you hold the sorts of conversations that will build support.  That might be through providing you with the materials or sharing ideas or hearing how others have answered questions or provided reassurance.  

We will look to help by providing the independence movement with briefings they can use, social media materials they can share, posters and leaflets and to help reinforce ideas or provide additional reassurance.  That’s what our experience as campaigners tells us you might need but we look forward to hearing about what you feel you need.

We will also run events, place stories in the media develop campaigns and messages about an optimistic view of Scotland’s future.

We are here to complement the many excellent things you already do, to help you in any way we can and to fill a space for a nation, civic organisation campaigning for Scottish independence.

How can I get involved?

There will be many ways you can get involved with Voices for Scotland. You will be able to use our visuals where it helps you locally. You will be able to adapt them, for example by using Voices for your community or group.

We will run campaigns, hold events, provide materials for you and your groups to adapt and share. We also plan to provide briefing and training materials based on what people tell us they need.

Please sign up to the mailing list to receive more information and get involved. As we get under way this section of the site will have full information on what we’re up to, how you can help – and we can help you.


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