Independence as the new normal

Scottish independence has become in the summer and autumn of 2020 a majority of public opinion.

That does not automatically mean that independence is certain to win a future referendum vote but what it does do is completely change the terrain in which independence is debated. It changes how independence is seen and how supporters of independence need to debate, do politics and get more serious; no longer the outsider argument it is part of the mainstream. Therefore the new popularity of independence requires that supporters of change up their game and embody a politics and attitude which advances the future Scotland into being and is not afraid of confronting difficult issues and choices. As well as this new independence of the mind has to be underpinned by an openness and generosity towards the Scotland which has not yet been convinced or who want the best for Scotland but do not support independence.

Gerry Hassan

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Dr Gerry Hassan is a writer, commentator and academic. He is author and editor of numerous books on Scottish and UK politics including ‘The Strange Death of Labour Scotland’, on Labour and Britishness: ‘The People’s Flag and the Union Jack’ and ‘Caledonian Dreaming’. His latest book collection with Simon Barrow ‘Scotland after the Virus’ is published next month. Gerry’s writing and research can be found on his website: