Can We Afford the Union?

With lockdown eased and people enjoying a freedom sorely missed over the past few months, there has been much talk about this time being a new beginning. Dubbed ‘the Great Reset’, ‘Great Recovery’ or ‘Building Back Better’, there is no doubt that this time is a golden opportunity to review where we are and where we need to be.

For large scale change to be meaningful and lasting, people need to be engaged and part of the process of change. Conversation, discussion and debate among diverse groups and individuals leads to policy that works for everyone, creating a more equal society with education, opportunities and hope within the gift of all.

But this comes at a cost, both in economic and ideological terms. With regard to the latter, compromise and a move towards a more equal society means those most able to bear the largest burden must do so, giving back in order to create a fairer, safer, cleaner and wealthier society for all.

The economic cost is where Scotland has the biggest issue. Whilst we may be a wealthy, well educated country, as members of the Union we, as a nation, are not able to borrow or raise money (in the way every other nation does) to fund the future country we, as citizens seek to create.

With the economy already on the ropes, the one-two of a global pandemic and Brexit spells disaster for national and global finance, and if the recent recession is anything to go by, it will be the poorest and most vulnerable in society that pay the highest cost, financially, physically and mentally.

As a nation, if Scotland wants to build a better future, a future that actually works for the people of Scotland, then we need two things: people to be engaged and the ability to make the decisions that determine our own future.

At Voices for Scotland our mission is to bring people together to discuss, debate and help to formulate a People’s Plan that will create a Scotland for everyone. With the momentum of empowered people from all across Scotland having their voice heard and setting out their vision for a better future Scotland, we can build a cohesive movement that can deliver independence and the ability to make the important decisions that will benefit us all.

Join us for a get together this Thursday to discuss (among other things) ‘Scotland: Can We Afford the Union’. You can sign up here and if you can support our work and help us grow please donate here.

Look forward to seeing you there.