Audrey Birt on Creating Conversation Spaces for Women’s Voices

Banner for Voices for Scotland Conversation Cafe on 16 November at Quaker Hall in Edinburgh

Voices for Scotland is hosting its first Conversation Café in Edinburgh, and it is specifically targeted at women. Co-Chair Audrey Birt summarises the vision behind this.

Women voters will be important in the next independence referendum. You
only have to look at the promises on childcare at this coming election
to know that all politicians seek the support of women and families. But
we also know that too often it’s the male voices we hear dominating the
dialogue. At Voices for Scotland we believe that listening is important and providing the space for respectful dialogue on the future Scotland we would like to see. So we decided that our first conversation cafe would be for women. Our plan is to stimulate this kind of dialogue across Scotland, to inspire and support others to host them as well. In settings varied and interesting for all communities to take part. I am very much looking forward to facilitating this first one and hearing from you about what you want to see in a Scotland for Everyone.

Have a look at to see how you too can get involved and support this work.