The Voices Campaign

Voices for Scotland exists to grow support for independence and to provide space and resources to help create a vision for how an independent Scotland will work.

As a non party political, civic organisation this means bringing people together to talk about what’s important in Scotland today.

Scotland for Everyone

Connect > Act > Build

Since lockdown we’ve focussed our energy on shifting everything we do online by connecting people from across Scotland (and the world) in our ‘Get Together’ and ‘In Conversation’ events.

These are great spaces for indy supporters and the indy curious to share knowledge, experience and information and help change the conversation around independence.

On the spectrum of support for independence there are those who will always support the union, those who will always vote for independence and a larger portion of people in the middle who are transient or undecided.

This is why we are creating spaces for everyone to engage in conversation about independence and put forward the positive case and vision for an independent Scotland.

spectrum of indy support

If the first phase of our post lockdown campaign is bringing people together, then the next phase is getting people to take action and organise themselves. This is difficult with such restrictions on our normal lives. However, we’re looking at innovative ways of campaigning where people come first – Voices for Scotland is not prescriptive in any way, you set the agenda, the campaign is your voice.

One thing you can right now is Be A Voice, where you can upload your stories on why independence is important to you.

By sharing your story others like you will relate to what inspires you, what motivates you and why we need independence for a fairer, more equal independent Scotland. It is so important to show people that independence is not just about party politics but real people and we hope you can help with this!

We are developing something much larger which has never been done before and after secure funding, hope to launch in early 2021.

In summary our campaign works on the basis of three key principles. We connect people, people act, and we build support for independence.

If you have any questions, want to volunteer or take action then please get in touch through social media or email us at

You can see what events we have coming up here.