Voices for Scotland is the national campaign that facilitates big conversations about Scotland’s future to help persuade those who haven’t yet made their way to supporting independence.

The Voices for Scotland campaign is about you, your family, your community, your colleagues and the Scotland you want to create. It is about a vision of a Scotland for Everyone.

In February we will launch our Event Toolkit which gives you all the tools you need to host your own conversation event where you can set out the vision for the independent Scotland you want to see. Our campaign aims to bring people together and speak to the indy-curious, the people who haven’t made up their mind and want to discuss Scotland’s future without judgement or reproach.

We have already had a number of successful events, but 2020 is when we make a big difference and give people the confidence to talk about important issues for yours and Scotland’s future.

To help start this conversation, we would love to hear your answer to the following question: ‘A Scotland for Everyone means a Scotland that…’

Perhaps you could have a conversation with someone who is currently unsure about Scotland becoming independent or someone who supports the union (but has had their faith undermined by recent events). If so please find out their answer to the question: ‘What I need to hear about Scotland becoming Independent is…’

Please post the responses on our social media channels.